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Yumin Street Night Market, Banqiao

1/15/2011 Taiwan Explorer
One of my favorite local night markets

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Yumin Street Night Market 裕民街夜市 in Xinpu (part of Banqiao, which is part of New Taipei) is one of my favorite night markets in Greater Taipei. It's probably my most visited night market during my stay in Taiwan in 2010, because it was located 5min away from my apartment. This local night market is like a hidden treasure, I'm not sure, if much was written about it in English so far. Let me introduce the delicious food on Yumin street to you.

OUR YUMIN STREET NIGHT MARKET HABITS: This night market is meant for locals, not tourists (unlike Shilin or Huaxi Street) and I was usually the only foreigner found there. Sometimes however, I would see other Caucasians in the area, but very rarely, they may live in the Xinpu area, because the rents are cheaper than in Taipei City. Usually my girlfriend and I would go to this Yumin Street around 7pm and have our dinner there. We would sometimes buy food and bring it home, but a lot of times we just ate there.
Click on the map to see how to find the market.

WHAT MAKES YUMIN STREET SPECIAL: The best thing about this night market is the tasty and cheap food and friendly vendors. Not only did I find the best crepe in Taipei there, I also had the pleasure to eat delicious fried dumplings and enjoy some sweet bubble tea. I also loved the oyster omelette and the fresh guava they sold. But there is more to the market. Let me show you some images and introduce my favorite food stalls.

Cheap clothes are sold everywhere here, probably made in China.

Fresh orange juice is sold here, too, just like on most Taiwanese night markets.


One of my favorite stalls in this night market, every stick is 10NTD (about 0,25 Euros). You can choose as many you want. My girlfriend and I usually chose 6-8.

You have chicken, pork, fish, sausages, tofu, duck blood and various vegetables to choose from. My favorites are chicken, pork and the fish. And the various tofus are yummy, too.

The savory chicken and pork are really tasty. A soy sauce and sesame seeds are added.

More clothes.


This is my girlfriend's favorite tea shop. She would usually buy black tea.

I would usually go to this shop and buy bubble tea. It only cost 20NTD (around 0.50 Euros).

Interestingly most girls here would dye their hair blonde.


This shop sells yummy oyster omelettes. We would eat them many times here.

My girlfriend's black tea and my bubble tea.

The common Taiwanese oyster omelette, Taiwan's traditional food.


This is a very good shop, that makes delicious fried dumplings. It's actually a chain restaurant, found all over Taiwan. The name is 8 Way (八方雲集), this is their website.

One dumpling would cost 5NTD. Usually you order 4 or 5, so you pay between 20-30NTD for a portion. Here we ordered 2 kinds and both are very delicious. I highly recommend this shop.

Be careful, when you walk here, scooters are rushing by nearly every second.


This stall is very famous, reporters already wrote about it. And I have to say the food is yummy, but a little expensive. They fry duck heads and intestines together with various fish balls and tofu, cut it in small peaces and add some spice. It's really tasty. It's run by an uncle and sometimes his soon helps him.

The duck head is really yummy. You should try it. They cut it in small pieces.

These are the meats and tofus you can choose from. Try the small eggs and tofus, they really go together well. If you're not into duck head, try some other parts, like the wings.

And then we're close to the end of the night market. You can see the fried chicken stall with the funny name Cock Fried Chicken (which I haven't tried) and my favorite crepe in Taipei.

The famous stall with the funny name. Would you try their "cock"?


This friendly uncle makes my favorite crepe. It costs between 50-70NTD (1.3-1.8 Euro)

He's very skilled and uses the best ingredients. Read about him here>>

The Taiwanese styled crepe is one of the best snacks in most night markets around Taipei.


Guava is very tasty here. A portion costs 50NTD and is very fulling. Good for 2 people.

This is the last part of the Yumin Street Night Market with few more stalls.

IN CONCLUSION: This less known local market is full of yummy treats and if you happen to be in the area, you definitely have to visit it. You can try many snacks for relatively small money. Almost everything is tasty, but my favorites are fried food on sticks (try at least 5 different ones), fried dumplings, oyster omelette, fried duck parts, uncle's crepe and guava. The tea is very good as well. You will probably need like an hour at this lovely market, especially, if you try many different snacks and have some good company.