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Xindian 新店區, Taipei

1/11/2011 Taiwan Explorer
1. Introduction

• Known for: natural beauty
• Population: 298,000 (2012, source)
• Wade-Giles: Hsin-tien
• Pinyin: Xīndiàn
• Romaji: Shinten
• Map: My map of Xindian

Xindian 新店區 is one of Taipei's southern districts. It's famous for its mountains, lakes and the river with the same name. The district is mostly rural in the south and urban in the north, where most of its population is located. Here are the must see buildings and parts of Xindian (my personal recommendations): Xindian Old Street and Bitan.

2. Points of interest

Below are selected points of interest of Shilin District. The ones I have already blogged about are linked in • bold, check them out. The ones without link are on my list to visit. Tip: To open links in new tab, hold down Ctrl or ⌘ while clicking on the link.


• Bitan 碧潭
• Jingmei Human Rights Memorial and Cultural Park 景美人權文化園區
• Misty Valley 濛濛谷
• Swallow Lake 燕子湖
• Wenshan Farm 文山農場


• Sunshine Bridge 陽光橋
• Bitan Suspension Bridge 碧潭吊橋


• Taiping Temple 太平宮


• Xindian Old Street 新店老街


• Chenggong Lake 成功湖
• Maihua Lake 梅花湖
• Sunshine Park 陽光運動園區

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