Sunday, January 30, 2011


The population of Kaohsiung City

1/30/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Kaohsiung Urban area
Kaohsiung City was recently merged with the former Kaohsiung county and formed a bigger municipality. It was divided into 38 districts and some of them are huge, but very scarcely populated, because they're located very far from the actual city (sometimes they're even in the mountains).

That of course is a bit confusing to me, because I'm interested in the actual population of Kaohsiung's urban area. I have nothing against the way these districts are governed, all I want to know is how many people live in Kaohsiung, the actual city. So I checked some maps and data (source) and found out that the following districts are part of Kaohsiung's urban area (from A-Z): Daliao, Dashe, Fengshan, Gushan, Lingya, Linyuan, Nanzi, Niaosong, Qiaotou, Qianjin, Qijin, Qianzhen, Renwu, Sanmin, Xiaogang, Xinxing, Yancheng and Zuoying. You can see them on the map on the left, they're marked as black. If you count together the population of these districts, you get this number:

2.209.362 inhabitants.

My personal idea of how a city should be defined, Kaohsiung has a population of 2.2 milions and is therefore the second biggest city of Taiwan (after Taipei).

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