Monday, January 24, 2011


Taiwan in Bobee Bobee Bobee fever

1/24/2011 Taiwan Explorer
The video below is currently making Taiwanese people crazy

The song "保庇 BOBEE" is sung by Lotus Wang (王彩樺, born 1969), one of Taiwan's singers and actresses with the longest career (she debuted in 1985 as an actress and as a singer in 2010, source). This is actually a Chinese version of the a South Korean girl group's song, namely T-ara's "Bo Peep Bo Peep" from 2009 (see video on the left). T-ara (티아라, pronounced as "Tiara") currently consists of 7 girls and they are popular in their home country, but were less known in Taiwan. It was Lotus Wang that made the song very popular since it came out in December 2010. What's so special about this song is the dance, which is so silly, that many Taiwanese variety shows and netizens on YouTube started to recreate the moves (保庇 in Taiwanese means "God's protection) and even some Western news networks have reported it. The currently biggest dance craze in Taiwan has partly reached the West, especially USA, where some kids tried to do the Bobee dance as well. If you ask me, I can't listen to the song few times in a row, it makes ma nauseous. And the moves are terrible, but that's what makes it great for some funny videos. I've chosen the top 10 of epic fail Bobee dance remakes (the worse they dance, the better they rank on my list). The top 4 are all Taiwanese comedians and the last few are also famous Taiwanese.

1 The passionate guy

2 The passionate girl

3 The silly guy

4 The comedic guy

5 The foreign dude

6 The regular shy guy

7 The scary funny guy

8 The shy celebrity

9 The housewife style

10 The group fail

I'm daring Mr. Jong to remake the Bobee video and post it on YouTube. I will then share that video and make him famous :-P How did you like the Bobee remakes?