Saturday, January 08, 2011


Pao Pao Ice 泡泡冰, Keelung

1/08/2011 Taiwan Explorer
A delicious traditional Taiwanese ice cream

Pao pao ice or pao pao bing (Chinese 泡泡冰) is a traditional Taiwanese ice cream originating in Keelung. The Chinese name could be literally translated as Bubble ice. I tried this delicious ice cream at the famous Miaokou Night Market, one of my favorite night markets in Taiwan. What's so special about it is the way they prepare it. It's being stirred by hand in front of your eyes and judging by what I saw, it's really hard work. The stall is very famous and so many people stand in line to get a cup of this amazingly delicious ice cream. We ordered kiwi and I loved it. It was so sweet and soft, I could die for it. It's so yummy after you try some of other foods there, such as the fried sandwich or the roasted mini sausages with garlic. It's a perfect dessert, I recommend it to eat after you have tried all the main snacks. This ice will definitely leave a lasting impression on you. I can't wait to return and try it again. Next time I hope I try other flavors as well. One cup costs 45NTD, which is around 1 Euro.

Let me share some photos of the famous stall 陳記泡泡冰 (Chénjì pàopào bīng):

The stall from close, photos of newspaper articles are displayed.

Working diligently.

They stir so fast, my camera couldn't capture a clear moment in time. Amazing.

This was the peanut flavored pao pao ice, we didn't try it.

Looks so tempting, I love peanuts. I may order it next time.

This is our kiwi flavored pao pao ice: Very delicious.

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