Saturday, January 01, 2011

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Mark Zuckerberg spent New Year in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan!

1/01/2011 Taiwan Explorer
OMG! Mark Zuckerberg wants to be like me, part 2!

Some of you might remember a post I wrote a while ago, about how Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, wants to be like me? Remember when I said he's white, blonde, has a thing for Asian women, is dating a Chinese girl by the name 陳, which is exactly my girlfriend's family name? If you haven't read that post, check it here. Many of you were skeptics at that time, among them nobody less than the most famous Malaysian travel blogger FuFu:

I wasn't even shocked, when he became Time Magazine's man of the year (I on the other hand became Jong Magazine's Man of The year). That was of course an easy guess, since both of us have transformed internet this year, so duh. But something else seriously baffled me today! You won't believe it, when I tell you where Mark Zuckerberg spent this New Year. He spent it in Taipei! Of all the places he could fly to with his private jet, from the Caymans to Mauritius, he went to Taiwan with his girlfriend (I would not be surprised, if she was Taiwanese, too) and was seen on various famous spots around Taipei. One of them was the Huaxi Street Night Market with the famous Snake Alley (See the snakes getting killed). Look at this photo and my photo on the right:

This photo is circulating around the net in Taiwan.

I was there! And suddenly he was there, too!? Do you think this is merely a coincidence? Are you really that naive? Of course he's reading my blog and thinks I'm cool, there's no other explanation for this. I'm sure he saw my Best Taiwan Blog 2010 Award, checked all my Taiwan posts and said to himself: »Wow, Taiwan is so cool. And he had so much fun in Taipei. That's awesome. I have to go there for new year!« And then he probably called his girlfriend Priscilla to show her my blog and said: »Babe, look! This guy is so awesome. Check his Taiwan posts. How about we go to Taipei for New Year?« She checked my blog a little and then most likely said: »Hon, we gotta see Taipei. It's uh-maiz-ing! OMG!«

I have to say I feel honored not only that he's trying to be like me, but also that he's reading my blog and using it as a resource for traveling. Mark, have you tried the snake soup or snake blood? I havn't... so I guess you haven't, too. How about frog? I have. I'll be soon in Taiwan, so when you come next time, we can go to some smaller night markets, where all the paparazzi would never expect you. I'll treat you some tasty bubble tea. Deal? ;-)

Btw, I even heard that he's trying to learn Mandarin (just like me!)... Are you even slightly shocked now? I think, if you follow my blog, you're not. If you're new here, pick up your jaw, it dropped on the floor. Now I have solid proof that Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook wants to be like me. Frankly, I am a bit puzzled about all this, I mean he is a tad bigger celeb than me. I feel very honored, though ;-)

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