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Best Taiwanese crêpe in Taipei

1/15/2011 Taiwan Explorer
Let me show you how the traditonal Taiwanese crêpe is made

This simple stall with the caption 法式可麗捲餅 (Fǎshì kělìjuǎnbǐng) or French style crêpe is for me the best crêpe selling stall in Taipei (and I mean in Greater Taipei, because it's located in Xinpu, part of Banqiao, New Taipei). I used to live in Xinpu in 2010 and my apartment was located very close to the Yumin Street Night Market (裕民街夜市), where this stall can be found (see a map that will show you how to find the night market). It's operated by a very nice uncle, who has a very good skill of making a tasty crispy crêpe. His price is a bit higher than some other stalls, but he said that's because of the good quality of the ingredients. I can only confirm that, his crêpe is fresh and tasty. I would always buy one at his stall, but one evening, he wasn't there, so I went to another stall nearby. The person, who made the (slightly cheaper) crêpe wasn't as skilled as the friendly uncle. There were several cracks in the dough and he had a bit of a struggle to wrap it up in the end. The taste also couldn't match up with the uncle's delicious crêpe, hence it was the last time that I had one at another stall. I rather pay more and I'm sure, that it tastes good. And at least I haven't wasted any money that way.

The common Taiwanese crêpe is called 可麗餅 (kělìbǐng) and is sold on various day and night markets around the country, but also in shopping malls, usually near cinemas. The first time I tried one was when we went to see Avatar in the Living Mall and it was an epic fail. The top of the crêpe is crispy, but the bottom becomes wet from the sauce and you have to be careful how you eat it, because I was in the movie, when stuff started to fall out on my lap and the floor. That was frustrating. But now I'm very skilled at eating the crêpe, that won't happen to me anymore.

See some photos of how the uncle makes his famous crêpe:

This simple stall on the side of the road is the uncle's livelihood.

He would evenly spread the batter on the circular hot plate and add the toppings such as ham, cheese, salad, corn and various sauces like mayonnaise or tomato sauce.

Then he would let it fry for a minute or two until it hardens. And then the most crucial part: the wrapping of the crêpe. This uncle is really skilled.

And voila: The crêpe is made and ready to eat.

This is how the Taiwanese crêpe looks like. Would you try?

If you want to try uncle's yummy crêpe, follow my map and go to Xinpu MRT, walk to the Yumin Street Night Market (all together maybe 20min of walk). The stall is located at the end of the night market, so you'll have to keep walking. Next to it is also the Cock Fried Chicken food stall, which I mentioned in one of my previous posts. A crêpe will cost you between 50-70NTD (which is 1.3-1.8 Eur) and you can choose various flavors, from a vegetarian to the one with ham, bacon or even chocolate one.

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