Sunday, December 19, 2010

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Little White House, Tamsui

12/19/2010 Taiwan Explorer

The Little White House 小白宮 in Tamsui is the former chief taxation officer's residence built during the Qing Dynasty in 1870. The building is surrounded by a nice garden which features a breathtaking view on the Danshui river. I heard the sunsets are beautiful here. In the late 20th century the building was deteriorating, and the government almost tore it down, but the locals fought for the preservation of the building, which resulted in a protection and subsequent renovation in the late 1990s. Today it's one of the historic gems of Tamsui, one that you can't miss, in case you're visiting. I had to pay 40 TWD to enter (about 1 Euro at that time).

Here are my photos of the Little White House:

The house is not so little.

Nice arcades.

A neat garden behind the building.

A lovely view of the Danshui river.

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