Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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From Tuntex to Love River

12/14/2010 Taiwan Explorer

After seeing the Tuntex Sky Tower, we moved on and wanted to see some other parts of Kaohsiung. We were headed to the famous Love River and later take the train to Tsoying to see the Lotus lake and all the temples. But had to walk first and so we left Kaohsiung's tallest skyscraper and walked along the Chenggong 1st road. There are not many famous sights here, we only saw two temples and some high-rise buildings, but if you plan to walk here, you at least get an idea about how it looks like. Close to this road is also a famous Rosary church, which we didn't manage to find. Check my map to find it.

This is what we saw in this part of Kaohsiung:
An interesting sculpture of welded cargo containers at Singuang Ferry Wharf.

Shoprider ad. Surely great quality, if sumo wrestlers can use it. Funny.

An old run down house, probably has a bleak future.

Chenggong 1st road.

A flood of signboards is typical for all Taiwanese cities.

One of tallest buildings in Kaohsiung: The Grand Hi-Lai Hotel. More about it here>>

The Kaohsiung Buddhist Hall looks like a church with a big swastika. Interesting.

Funny name: The Easy Shop. I wonder what's so easy about it.

The Chenggong 1st Road again. It was getting hot.

Looking back at the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel.

Another lovely temple.

And then we turned left: Min Sheng 2nd road.

A small canal flowing in the direction of the Love River.

A very well-designed modern apartment building nearby. I'd live here. Would you?

Finally we arrived at the Love river around noon. The sun was scorching, we took a break.

This part was probably the hardest to walk, because the morning sun in Kaohsiung can be really so strong. Not only did I get sunburned, I was sweating like a p*g. This totally reminded me of my time in Singapore and Malaysia, just that it's a tiny bit less humid here. And near the Equator you usually don't see the sun so clearly. With that said, I loved to walk and absorb all the impressions of this awesome city. It was definitely worth it.

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