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2010-2011 Tamsui Tours

12/18/2010 Taiwan Explorer
Tamsui (Chinese 淡水, lit. "Fresh water town"), is a historic small town located north of Taipei proper, that has in recent years become one of the cities outlying district. It's actually named after the river Tamsui, that flows through Taipei and ends up in the Taiwan strait around here. Tamsui is famous for its old street, Fort San Domingo, Fisherman's Wharf, the Aletheia University and some unique dishes. Tamsui is rich with Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, British and Chinese influences, however it's still a very typical Taiwanese town, especially when it comes to food and lifestyle.

The easiest way to explore Tamsui is take the MRT from Taipei Main Station, and in less than 1 hour you'll reach Taipei's window to the world. I've traveled to Tamsui several times in the past, below is a list of the spots I have explored. You can explore them by following my guided tour, or clicking on them individually.

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1) From my 2010 Tamsui tour:

01 Tamsui Station
02 Old Street
03 Fort San Domingo
04 Aletheia University
05 Little White House
06 Famous Tamsui dish: Ah-Gei
07 Famous Tamsui dish: Iron egg
08 Lovers' Bridge
09 Tamsui Night Market
10 Map of Tamsui

2) From my 2011 Tamsui tour:

11 Yinshan temple
12 Tienyuen temple

I hope you enjoyed touring Tamsui with me. See also my Taiwan travel page for more travel posts.