Thursday, December 23, 2010

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Tamsui Night Market, Tamsui

12/23/2010 Taiwan Explorer

Taiwan Night Market ListThe Tamsui Night Market 淡水夜市 is a relatively small night market located close to the Tamsui MRT station on the Yingzhuan road (英專路). My girlfriend says, that the are has changed a lot since she visited last time. We went for a small snack after extensively touring this lovely little town for a whole afternoon.

MY IMPRESSION: The good thing about this night market is the location. It's very close to the MRT station, so you can just take the red line train from Taipei and then walk here for about 5 minutes. The market is stretched along one main road with few side roads, so you don't need to walk a lot. These days it seems there are more shops with clothes and other things than food stalls and restaurants.

WHAT KIND OF FOOD IS COMMON AND RECOMMENDATIONS: The most common dishes here are fried baozi 水煎包 (shuǐjiān bāo), salted chicken 鹽水雞 (yánshuǐ jī), fried duck (東山鴨頭 a.k.a. Dongshan duck head) and popular desserts such as douhua (豆花, also known as tofu pudding) and tanghulu (糖葫蘆), sugarcoated fruits on sticks. I recommend all of these dishes.

Let me show you some impressions from the night market (from April, 2010):

The busy Yingzhuan road. The night market attracts locals and tourists.


Famous salted chicken in addition with veggies, sausages and tofu.


The northern Chinese snack tanghulu is also popular in Danshui.


This stall makes fried baozi. They're cheap and very popular.

The meat filled buns are delicious. You have to try some, if you visit this night market.


The Huwei douhua restaurant (滬尾豆花) serves a great tofu pudding.

IN CONCLUSION: This is a nice little night market, which is probably good enough for a visit after you visited all the historic parts and famous sights. I think I wouldn't recommend it as the main reason to visit Danshui, you better visit some other night markets in Taipei for that, such as the one in Shilin. It has some pretty decent local food, I recommend the baozi and the tofu pudding, they're really good and that's about it.

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