Sunday, November 21, 2010

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Beautiful Food Street, Ruifang

11/21/2010 Taiwan Explorer
Actually not really a night market

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Ruifang Night Market or 瑞芳美食街 is actually not a night market. The Chinese name literally means Ruifang Beautiful Food Street. It's actually a day and night market or just a sort of a food court. I'm not sure if there's a real day or night market in Ruifang, but my girlfriend and I went to this one and let me share what we saw and the food we tried. We went here after we returned from Jiufen. It was already a bit late and we were hungry and had some time before the train would bring us back to Taipei city. See some photos:

Inside the food court.

The place is pretty small.

Mhmm... intestines.

Look at me, how focused I was on the cute girl. She was pretty skilled.

We ordered a soup, which was ok, just plain normal.

And we had pig's skin and some pork. I didn't like this, maybe it was the sauce.

Looks good, but not very yummy to me.

MY IMPRESSION OF RUIFANG'S MARKET: Actually this food court has some good stalls that sell beef noodles. But at that time we didn't know that, we were walking around a little and choosing something we thought looked good. Well, it wasn't so good in the end, I'd say just normal. The food is cheap, though, so it's ok in the end. You don't stay hungry (40NTD is a little less than 1 Euro). I think if you happen to be stuck in Ruifang, rather try some of the street food outside.