Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Modern Toilet in Shilin, Taipei

11/25/2010 Taiwan Explorer
Or what me and my girlfriend call the shit restaurant, oh yeah...

The sign above the entrance of the Modern Toilet in Shilin.

Modern Toilet, Shilin, Taiwan
It was a rainy February evening (2010), when my girlfriend and I headed to Shilin, a big district of Taipei City, located in the north. We were headed to the famous Shilin Night Market and after we tried some local delicacies, we decided to go for a dessert. Since the famous rest room or toilet themed restaurant was in the area, my lovely girlfriend decided to bring me there. It was one of my first days in Taiwan and of course I had no real idea about such wacky dining. I heard about this restaurant before, but never saw one from close. And now I was there. When we opened the door, we felt like we were in a rest room. We sat on toilets and waited to take our order. But actually, it did not feel weird or disgusting, just interesting and funny. I liked the atmosphere, it seemed pretty cool. And if you're an end of twenty-early thirty type of guy, you'll feel much younger there, because most of the people dining there are Taiwanese teens or early twens or tourists. If you compare Western European standards, the food is not expensive, at least the ice cream wasn't. It was pretty big, so we shared one. Let me show you some more photos from that day:

The Modern Toilet (便所主题餐厅) in Shilin:

I'm not sure, if there are more rooms, but this one is the one where you enter. It's small.

We sat right next to the entrance. On the floor you can see our supply of bubble tea.

And voila! This was the "shit" ice cream. And it was really yummy, I recommend it.

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I have to say there is a lot of proper food available in the Modern Toilet restaurant, not only desserts. You can have a real lunch and dinner. Sure, the meal would cost less, if it was in a different (read normal) environment, but you go to this type of restaurants for fun, not really because you're so hungry or because you want to save few bucks. Personally I recommend you to go the restaurant in Ximending. You can read here about that culinary experience (with lots of photos). Either way, you'll enjoy this restaurant, it's awesome. This was the beginning of my theme restaurant visits. I plan to see all of the famous ones in Taipei.