Sunday, November 14, 2010

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Longdu Dragon Restaurant, Taipei

11/14/2010 Taiwan Explorer
A culinary experience, that will make your taste buds explode

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Dear readers, today I decided to give my girlfriend Lily another chance to be a guest blogger on my blog, because she's had an amazing dining experience in Taipei and the post she wrote was so good, I begged her to give me the honor to share her experience with you all. She celebrated her birthday and invited her friends to join her in what will later be one of their best dining experiences of the year. Let me allow Lily to introduce one of the finest Cantonese restaurants in Taipei.

Every year on my birthday I pick a restaurant where my friends and I have dinner. This time I picked an old but famous Cantonese restaurant in Taipei named Longdu Restaurant 龍都酒樓 (sometimes romanized as Dragon Restaurant), which is open since 1983. Their most famous dish is Cantonese roast duck, it is also the most expensive duck dish in Taipei city (one duck costs TWD 1,200), but people give it a lot of praise. If you want to eat their duck, you have to book it at least 2 days in advance and one desk can only book one duck.

The restaurant is quite big inside.

I invited 12 of my friends. We were sitting at 2 tables, each with one whole duck. We also shared some dim sum together. The dinner starts, when the waiter brings the duck and asks, how we would like to have it cut.

The traditional round table.

The whole duck as it was served to us.

They have 2 ways to cut the duck, one way is meat with skin and the other way is meat without skin. Because the duck is so big, so we chose both. The waiter was so skilled, she cut the meat quickly and moved on to my friend's table. In few minutes, both ducks were cut in beautiful pieces and together with a steamed thin pancake (called 麵餅 in Chinese, literally meaning dough skin), the dinner was served.

The duck being cut into small pieces.

And this is how it looks like when they finish cutting.

The steamed dough, the cut duck and the sweet noodle sauce.

The carefully arranged vegetables.

Doesn't it look delicious?

You eat this duck by spreading the dough in your palm, you then add vegetables, the duck and the sauce on top, roll it up and eat. I have to say it's super delicious. All of us couldn't stop eating and complimenting the food, it was simply amazing!

Besides having the famous main dish, we also ordered some other Cantonese delicacies:

Cantonese fried rice: You must order this one, this is the yummiest fried rice I ever had.

Barbecued pork puffs. Yummy.

Fresh shrimp dumplings. They look perfect.

Fried radish patty, the patty was so soft, you must try it.

Steamed shaomai with crab yolk: the shrimps were so fresh!

Steamed beef ball: If you like eat beef, don't miss this one.

Steamed chicken feet with soy bean sauce: Good taste, if you dare to eat.

We also had steamed spareribs with soy bean sauce, fried spring rolls, and one cup of almond jelly. All of them were very yummy, I couldn't find anything to complain about. And we finished the main course with a soup that was made with the remaining duck bones and pickled cabbage. It was very tasty, too. We almost finished the whole bowl, even though we ate a lot already.

At the end my friend SunnyPie, who sells homemade cakes online, unwrapped the birthday cake I've previously chosen and my friends sang "Happy Birthday" to me. After that, I followed the custom of making three wishes and then I cut the cake for them. The cake had the French chestnut flavor tasted very good, SunnyPie really did a great job and so it's no wonder, that so many people buy her cakes.

The birthday cake.

It was a piece of cake to finish this.

I really had a great birthday, because not only did I receive my boyfriend's lovely gift, but also had a delightful birthday dinner and received tons of blessings on facebook, plurk and twitter. I think I was really so blessed that day. I hope I could share my happiness with others, especially with the readers who read this post.

English name: Dragon Restaurant
Chinese name: 龍都酒樓
Romanization: Lóngdū jioǔlóu
Address: 台北市中山北路一段105巷18-1號
Phone number: (02) 25 63 92 93~6
Opening hours: 11.30 - 14.00 and 17.00 - 21.00
Money per person: Over 600 NT$ (whole table paid 3235 NTD or 110 USD).
Need to book: Yes (but only the duck).
Find location: Google maps, my map