Sunday, October 10, 2010

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Taiwan's Master Zhuang Yuan rocks the dancefloor

10/10/2010 Taiwan Explorer

Today is 10.10.10, which means happy birthday Republic of China, which is commonly known as Taiwan. So let's just say happy birthday, Taiwan then! Today's day is also named Double ten day. 99 years ago, on October 10 1911, an uprising led to the end of the last Chinese dynasty and the beginning of the first Chinese republic. Taiwan (since 1949) is the continuation of that first Republic and still holds its official name today.

To commemorate this day, I thought of sharing an exceptional Taiwanese man. This man has become an internet sensation in Taiwan and after you see him and his skills, you will not only be mesmorized by him, you will love him. His name is Master Zhuang Yuan 莊圓大師! And what's so special about him? Well, he loves to dance and...

He thinks he is Buddha or that Buddha was reborn in him.

He also thinks that the handsomest Buddha was reborn in him and that his actions are the actions of Buddha and that they show how Buddha would behave and especially how he would express himself in dance. Master Zhuang has a website and a Youtube channel Buddhacome, where he posts his amazing dance videos. Have a look of one of his famous videos:

Young Taiwanese, famous for being big jokers, found his videos and started to make parodies of him. If you're somehow sensitive to this kind of jokes, I suggest you don't look at the videos, although I feel they're pretty innocent. Here are some of the videos, that recreated Master Zhuang's famous dance moves:

Japanese para-para version:

Star Wars version

Video game version

The best is still Master Zhuang himself, though. Enjoy :-)
How do you like Master Zhuang Yuan and his dance moves?