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Taipower Building, Taipei

8/04/2010 Taiwan Explorer

The Taipower Building 台電大樓 was constructed in 1985 and was at that time the tallest building in Taipei. It's 127.4m tall and has 27 floors (source). It's located in the southern part of Taipei, close to Guting area. There is an MRT station with the same name close to the building. The office building serves as administrative seat of the Taiwan Power Company (or short Taipower), Taiwan's state owned electricity company (source).

Let me show you some pictures of the Taipower building:

The Taipower Building on a spring day in its full glory.

A closeup.

Another closeup.

There's nothing special about this building. The only interesting thing is, that it was built in the 1980s. Those were the times of hilarious Jacky Chan movies and the King of Pop moonwalking. Would he moonwalk on top of Taipower building? I guess he would, if he would get enough money for it. Oh, well. What to see in the Taipower building other than utter melancholy?

That day, when my girlfriend took me to Guting, we first had frogs hit in milk and then walked to National Taiwan University. Taipower building was in the area and so I decided to take some photos as well.

The Kafka on the Shore café.

Unfortunately it was closed. It used to be on the second floor, the sign still indicates that. The Chinese name for Kafka is 卡夫卡 (Kǎfūkǎ). Kafka was a 20th century German speaking Jewish writer based in Prague and he's most famous for giving my blog the name, that derives from the adjective Kafkaesque. I guess I was meant to visit Prague (1997) and Taipei (2010), because my life is Kafkaesque, both literally and figuratively.

I don't know why, but I love this photo. Doesn't it look like so 1980s? For me it does. Look at the buildings, so eighties style. And the guy with the girl riding the bike by standing at the back, that's so 30 years ago, haha. I rememember, we did that as kids, too. And now that I see it in Taipei, I think: Wow, did I travel back in time?

Luo Si Fu street.

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