Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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Taipei Sky Dome 巨蛋

8/10/2010 Taiwan Explorer
The giant egg of Banqiao

Taipei Sky Dome (short 巨蛋 Dome, officially 巨蛋東京花園廣場 Dome Tokyo Garden Square) is one of the landmark buildings in Banqiao City as well as of Greater Taipei. I used to live very close to this building, maybe within 10min of walk. And every time I arrived at Xinpu MRT Station, I would walk towards the 145.5m high building with 5 towers, that really stood out in the area. The five domes would shine at night with different colors, from yellow to green to purple, so you can't really miss the building.

Taipei Sky Dome is located in Xinpu area of Banqiao City.

The area is pretty poor compared to other parts of Banqiao and Taipei City.

The building is massive! And I used to call it the scary building, because I always felt so small and so insignificant, when I walked around there. The color of the building is pretty gloomy and the 5 towers are just too much to bear sometimes. It's like a city on its own. It has 37 floors above the ground and 8 below the ground. That's just plain madness. And when it was completed in 2005, it used to be the tallest residential building in Taipei, but it must have been surpassed by the Neo Sky Dome, which is 43m taller and located a kilometer away from here. The buildings don't only share the name, but the concept is similar, too: A high rise condominium with several connected towers. The thing is just, I'd never live in this building, but I'd love to live in the Neo Sky Dome. That architecture is more of the type I like.

The road that passes by the front side of the building.

The west tower of the Taipei Sky Dome.

The building from below.

The pedestrian area.

I don't know what this means. Anyone any ideas?

The main entrance.

The east tower is rounded up.

The east tower from the side.

Close up.

Closeup on the windows. The aircons are hidden very well. I like that.

Taipei Sky Dome from the back side.

A parking space at the back.

The front side of Taipei Sky Dome.

The main entrance.

Nearby is a night market called Yumin Street Night Market and it's one of my favorites.

The dome from close at night (not my photo).

The dome at night from afar. Took this photo when I walked home.

I remember asking my girlfriend, why someone builds such a massive new building in an area, that would need a comprehensive development. She said it's their way, it's how they do. And I've seen this around Asia. This would almost be impossible in my country, where people are against skyscrapers anyway and where we have a lower density of population. But they would also demand, that such buildings are placed in new areas, new neighborhoods. But a lot of time in East and Southeast Asia (sans Japan) it's money that decides, what will stay where. I guess how neighborhoods are developed in Taiwan is a completely different thing than in the West. I'm not saying what is better or what is right, but if you ask me, I'd not put Taipei Sky Dome in that part of Banqiao.

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