Saturday, August 07, 2010

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Neo Sky Dome 新巨蛋, Banqiao

8/07/2010 Taiwan Explorer
A super modern high-rise condominium in Banqiao

Neo Sky Dome 新巨蛋 in Banqiao City (part of Taipei metropolitan area) is a brand new high rise skyscraper in the Xinpu area where I used to live. It's next to Xinpu MRT station, where I always took my train to central Taipei or where I arrived, when I wanted to go back home. I had to walk around 15min to arrive home and actually I lived closer to another huge skyscraper in Banqiao, called Taipei Sky Dome, a very ugly scary looking apartment building that consists of 5 huge towers. The Neo Sky Dome on the other hand consists of 4 towers, of which three share the same design, while one is covered with glass and looks totally different. The all stick together. On each side there are circles with neon lights, that light up beautifully at night, see photo below.

Neo Sky Dome in February, 2010.

I took the photos above few days after arriving in Taipei. At that time I was living in Xinzhuang City, another city in Taipei's metropolitan area and always took a bus near the Xinpu MRT and therefore I was always close to the Neo Sky Dome. I never saw such a building, that would light up so beautifully at night. I was amazed. It was Chinese new year, a pretty gloomy winter in Taipei and the light show did make me feel a bit warmer around my heart.

Xinpu area, where I used to walk to the station. Precious memories.

The tops of the Neo Sky Dome towers consist of small glass constructions, are these atria? Maybe. The structure was designed by Hong Kong architects. The building's tallest tower is 188m high and has 45 floors (source). And that would make it currently as the 6th tallest building in Taiwan (2010). The meaning of the Chinese name is funny. 新巨蛋 (pronounced xīn jù dàn) means New Giant Egg. It's funny to see how different both names are, the Chinese and the English. I have no idea why, but I guess that's because the two languages are very different and what seems weird or funny to the English speaking is normal or cool to native Chinese speakers.

Neo Sky Dome is located near a big intersection.

The view on the east side of the building with the circle neon lights.

The glass facade close-up.

Looks like a protective net is covering the neon lights.

The four Neo Sky Dome towers close up from the south.

Another closeup.

I made this photo black and white for fun.

It's funny, but the buildings near the skyscraper are old and in bad shape.

Another close up on the glass tower.

The building was still under construction in May 2010.

I think it will soon be inhabited with rich people from around Taipei. I must say, I'd love to live here on one of the top floors. The structure is one of Taiwan's finest skyscrapers and modern architecture at its best. And because it's located near an MRT station, it's so convenient to live here. You're in central Taipei in around 15 min and maybe in Xinyi in less than 30min. And besides that, you live in a not so wealthy area, which means the food is very cheap here. There are many hawkers within 15min of walking, even day and night markets are close. And if you have a cool apartment on top, you can see the beautiful Taipei skyline. Ah, I envy those, who can afford to live up there. But I'd even live in some of the lower floors. Would you?

[Neo Sky Dome homepage:][Taipei][All photos by MKL, 2010]