Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Kaohsiung Museum of History

8/17/2010 Taiwan Explorer

Kaohsiung Museum of History 高雄市立歷史博物館 is a museum in Yancheng District in Kaohsiung, Taiwan's second biggest city. The building was completed in 1938 during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan and served as the Municipal Office of the city Takao (the official Japanese name of Kaohsiung from 1895-1945). If you see an old photo (via library.taiwanschoolnet.org) of the building, you can see that it looks the same as in its original state. It only seems it's been renovated recently.

The museum has a very interesting collection, that consists of archives, china ware, lacquer ware, folk relics, classic furnishing, trappings, traditional arts, portraits and much more... I'm sure people, who are interested in the culture and history of Southern Taiwan and Kaohsiung, will enjoy this museum. I have not yet been there, but I'd like to visit next time I go to Kaohsiung.

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