Sunday, August 08, 2010

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Golden Plaza, Taichung

8/08/2010 Taiwan Explorer

Golden Plaza in Taichung (金沙休閒購物中心 translated as Sands Leisure Mall) is currently (2010) the second tallest building in Taichung and one of the landmarks of the city. It's 178m tall (spire), while the main part of the building is only 148m. It was built in 1999 as a huge department store with a two-storey revolving restaurant on top. The building was popular in the first years, but it's in decline in recent years. Many shops have closed, visitors started to lack (source).

TaichungOn February 26, 2005 there was a fire on the 18th floor and 4 people were killed during the incident, which was a huge shock for the people in Taichung. Many people had to get evacuated with helicopters from the restaurant on the top of the building (source). The fire was burning for around 1h 30min, before it was contained and extinguished. Read an article about that here>>

The building was renamed into 神鑑大樓 in Chinese.

Golden Plaza is still an impressive building.

I personally don't fancy the design of the building and I feel it's sad, that so much bad luck has accompanied it. I most likely won't be found on top there.

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