Monday, August 16, 2010

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Asia-Pacific Financial Plaza, Kaohsiung

8/16/2010 Taiwan Explorer

The Asia-Pacific Financial Plaza 宏總亞太財經廣場 is a high rise building in Kaohsiung, the second biggest city in Taiwan. It was build in 1992 and it's 169.8m tall and has 42 floors. Even though it's Kaohsiung's 4th tallest building, it's not easy to spot, because the most famous and tallest building in Kaohsiung, the Tuntex Sky Tower was build right next to the building and it's covering it. In 1992 it was the tallest building in Taiwan, only to be surpassed by another building in the same city: The 222m tall Chang-Gu World Trade Center.

The current office building, when it was completed in 1992, received many awards and was praised for having a good conservation of energy.

Asia-Pacific Financial Plaza does not have a lot of space in its vicinity.

I think the building is not bad, but I don't like how cramped all the buildings in this area are. The two residential buildings between the Tuntex Sky Tower and Asia-Pacific Financial Plaza are like in a sandwich. I walked around those tiny lanes between the buildings and I must say it's pretty dark and cool there. That's good for the people who live there, I suppose, because Kaohsiung is one of the hottest cities in Taiwan. On the other hand, it would look so much better, if there was a huge public square between these two skyscrapers. The whole area seems a bit random, which is a pity. Kaohsiung is such a lovely city, especially the area around the Love River. I think that's the most beautiful part of the city. See a list of Taiwan Skyscrapers here.

The sandwich.

Photo from the inner part of Kaohsiung, I could say from the back side.

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