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Xiaonanmen: Little South Gate of Taipei

7/26/2010 Taiwan Explorer
I love Taipei!
Photo taken on February 18th, 2011.

The Little South Gate of Taipei (台北府城小南門 pronounced "Táiběi Fǔchéng Xiǎonánmén", lit. "Taipei Prefecture Capital Little South Gate") or also known as the Zhongxi Gate (重熙門 pronounced "Zhòngxīmén" lit. "Gate of great prosperity") or simply Xiaonanmen (or Shonan gate in Japanese, 小南門) was built in 1879. It's the only small gate of Taipei. The gate is located in Zhongzheng district at the intersection between Yanping South Road and Aiguo West Road.

1 Names overview

台北府城小南門 - Taipei Prefecture Capital Little South Gate
重熙門 - Gate of Prosperity
小南門 - Little South Gate

2 Map of the gate

The area today looks a bit different than on this photo (show bigger map)

3 My impression of the gate

This is a very interesting gate, because it looks very different from the other 4 big gates of Taipei (compare Beimen). The others look massive and huge compared to the small one, that has a wooden structure on top of the concrete base. Although it looks very similar to the historic original, it was modified in 1966 by the Kuomintang's government (the Chinese Nationalist party that ruled Taiwan from 1948-2000). The roof was changed to an architectural style of northern China, parts were painted blue, which are the colors of the party (see photos below).

4 My day photos of the gate

The surrounding area.

A closeup.

Xiaonanmen from below.

Detail of the colors.

The front part of the gate. This would be inside the walled Taipei.

A closeup on the lower part.

5 Historic image of the gate

Little South Gate in 1908 with the wall (old photo digitally remastered by me).

Location: Go to Xiaonanmen MRT and walk Westwards along Aiguo West Rd. (link)

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[All photos except the last by MKL, 2010]

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