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Taipei Beimen Post Office

7/31/2010 Taiwan Explorer
Taipei Beimen Post Office in 2010.
The Taipei Post Office (Chinese 台北郵局) is today the seat of the Taiwan Post (official postal service of Taiwan also called Chunghwa post). I'm not so much interested in the postal history of Taiwan, but more in the unique building, that was completed in 1930 and became the main post office in Taipei. The original building was built at the same place in 1892 during the Qing Dynasty, but it was made of wood. It burned down in 1913, but was temporarily rebuilt with wood again, however soon after the city council began to think about a concrete building to replace the fire-prone wooden structure. The post office is located near Beimen (North Gate) and it's often called Taipei Beimen Post Office (Chinese 台北北門郵局).

The front facade of the Taipei Post. The building seems to be in bad condition. Can you see small trees and grass growing out from some parts? That's a pity.

The windows of the post from up close.

Photo digitally remastered by me.

The building was modified in the 1960s (which is very obvious, if you compare both photos). You can see that one floor was added to meet the needs of the increased mailing traffic. The front entrance was modified, too. The five arches were removed and there are only 3 right-angled entrances today. This is one of the few buildings from the Japanese occupation I like. I hope it will be preserved and renovated in the future.

Update on November 2012: The post office building is currently under renovation. I don't know when the works will be completed, but I assume in 2013/2014. You can track the progress of the renovation as well as other projects in the city here.

The facade is going to be completely redone.

The location of the post, bird's view (source: Google Maps).

[First 3 photos by LilyChen, Old photo source][Info source]

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