Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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First visit of Taipei Botanical Garden, 2010

7/28/2010 Taiwan Explorer

So my girlfriend and I went to the botanical garden in Taipei on one gloomy spring day just to have a lovely walk and to hide from the crazy traffic in downtown Taipei. My dazzling woman had to walk slowly, because her shoes did not grant her any mercy that day. But that was ok, we were able to see many things we would've not seen, had we been rushing like mad chicken. I remember this walk as something melancholic. It was one of my last trips around Taipei, before I had to leave back to my home country for a summer break and leave my baby behind. Gosh, how I miss her. But hey, I will be back in Taipei in no time. Until then, let me enjoy these pics of my precious memories and share them with you.

Some Taiwanese like to exercise in the gardens.

Beautiful lotus leaves cover a big pond.

A lovely Chinese styled pavilion and a couple playing with a cat.

The playful cat near the pavilion.

The botanic gardens were full of visitors that day.

The red building is the National Museum of History.

The pavilion seen from another side.

The thick blanket of lotuses was breathtaking.

Poor fella, seemed a bit lost here.

This one was more active and flew away pretty fast.

Isn't it scary and wonderful at the same time?

Die Blüte der Lotus brach mein Herz entzwei.

Would you drink from a lotus leaf, if you were thirsty?

Small pearls of water caught in the mighty net of the lotus leaf. Cruel.

What a cute public phone.

Red blossoms resembling the blood dripping from my heart that day.

The pond is grand!

means hungry, 不餓 means not hungry.

Lost in the depth of the water.

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