Thursday, July 01, 2010

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People in Xinyi, Taipei, 2010

7/01/2010 Taiwan Explorer

The photo above was made by my girlfriend, when she walked around Xinyi last winter. Xinyi has become my favorite part of Taipei and it's really fun to observe the people, who walk around the area. Before and during the Chinese new year this part of Taipei was very crowded. It was fun taking photos. I have to say though, that most of the photos were taken by my girlfriend. I'm a bit shy to take photos of people.

I remember, when I saw the photo above, I thought: Could that be my girlfriend and I some time in the future? Interracial couples in Taiwan are not as common as in other East Asian countries, however they exist and you can see quite many, if you stay in Taipei long enough.

Taiwanese people can be curious. And vendors love that.

Sexy promoters for Sony. Why wasn't I brave enough to take a photo with them? ^_^

Really cool and I mean it.

Xinyi was full of excellent musicians that day.

Lovely Taiwanese couple enjoying the show.

This man, who was a brilliant singer, caught a lot of attention.

Scarves come in all kinds of sizes and colors.

She must think: My boyfriend is a great photographer.

This guy was funny and his song was very catchy. He was dancing in a funny way.

A fab couple: One of many in Xinyi. People in Taipei are very fashionable. Related>>

A lonely policeman. I wonder what was on his mind.

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