Thursday, July 29, 2010


Walking around Taida, Taipei

7/29/2010 Taiwan Explorer
The entrance of Taida's campus.

It was a gloomy day, when my girl dragged me to Daan, the part of Taipei between Zhongzheng and Xinyi. She said we are going to visit Taida, Taiwan's most famous university. We alighted at Gongguan MRT station and conveniently walked to the campus. She invited me many times to go there, but I always refused, because I wasn't really interested. Especially, because it's Japanese architecture from the early 20th century, which frankly bores me. I've seen a lot of buildings in Seoul from that era and I thought they were awful (I only like the Beimen Post Office from that time). But ok, so I agreed to see Taida with my girlfriend, but I was a little moody that day. Frankly, I was tired, because prior to our walk around the campus, we've attended a Taiwanese activity, which sucked out the last juices of sanity from my brain. But let's not talk about that. So there we were at the entrance, our bellies stuffed with dumplings and frogs hit in milk and we entered. And that's what we saw along the way:

First shocker: It's not a Japanese building, it's Greek! A temple. No? I don't know. :-P

A fountain nearby. I wished I could sit here, soak my fe... It looked nice, yes. Nice.

Red bricks? Is this England? Nooo.. It's Taiwan. :-)

Oh, palms! I'm in Malaysia... No? It's Taiwan again. At the end is the famous library.

This is Japanese architecture from the 1920s.

This is the Taipower Building as seen from the university campus.

Made this one black and white, cuz that dude popped up out of nowhere.

Red bricks again.

This building was neat. I liked it. Wish I took more pics.

Looks so artsy in black and white and it's so funny... Pic taken by my lady.

This was a LOLPlant. Pretty cool, but it'll soon outgrow the pouch. And then?

This photo looked crap in color. Made it black and white and voila: Amazing!

This greenhouse was cool. I remember a cute girl having a photo shoot here.

Integrity - Diligence - Patriotism - Philanthropy

I definitely recommend this place for a visit, but it will take some time to see the whole area, the campus is huge. There's a lot of good food in the area, so you can combine that with your visit. A cute Taiwanese girl as a guide is definitely a plus. But you'll also see many students riding bikes. They seemed to be rather absent, probably immersed themselves in their studies. It brought back memories from the times I used to study in our national capital. Ah, those were some good times...

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