Saturday, July 24, 2010


Taipei's districts, popular spots

7/24/2010 Taiwan Explorer
This is a list of Taipei's districts. Included are the urban districts of Taipei City and New Taipei. All links lead to my individual posts. I also recommend you to check my Taipei travel page, which additionally lists all the famous historic and modern buildings.


WANHUA, the oldest center of Taipei
-----Longshan Temple Area, lots of old streets and night markets
-----Ximending, Taipei's youth district

ZHONGZHENG, the government center
-----Liberty Square, Taipei's biggest square
-----Huashan 1914 Creative Park

DAAN, bridge between old and new
-----Yongkang Street, famous food street
-----Zhongxiao East Road, Taipei's fashion street

XINYI, Taipei's modern center

DATONG, the old center of trade
-----Dihua Street, Taipei's oldest street
-----Tataocheng, one of Taipei's oldest neighborhoods

ZHONGSHAN, bridge between old and new
-----Miramar Entertainment park, Ferris wheel and malls
-----Zhongshan MRT area, lots of shops and Japanese

SONGSHAN, popular night market area
-----Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, art center
-----Wufenpu, clothes wholesale area

BEITOU, famous hot spring area
-----Xinbeitou, famous hot spring area


BANQIAO, most populous district in Taipei
DANSHUI, one of Taiwan's former historic towns
SINJHUANG, a big developing western district
TUCHENG, an industrial southern district
WENSHAN, a mountainous southern district
XINDIAN, the most southern district