Saturday, June 05, 2010

Taipei blues: Busy with life

6/05/2010 Taiwan Explorer
You wake up. It's another day. What is it? Monday again? Thursday? Does it matter? You need few minutes to really wake up. Your eyes are puffy, full of crusties. You wanna sleep! You dig your head in the pillow and cry inside: Why? Why? Why again... but you can't do anything. Or you don't wanna do anything. You crawl out of bed and try walking. You're a combination of a drunkard and an infant. You nearly slam your head in the doorway, ding dong, right left... are you a bell? Moron. Next time don't drink sleep. Finally you're at that bathroom sink, your hands on the sink supporting your whole body [Should I brush teeth or go back to bed?]. You brush your teeth. Back to bedroom, where are the pants? Oh, the pants. Here. The socks? Where are the socks, stocks, stockings? I mean sockings. Here. Now fully awake, you take a look out of window: Damn, pissy weather again. Nice. Walking to the station, your brain is empty, your back hurts a little. Sleeping well... well, that must be someone else's victory today. You're pisstrated. At the station you don't notice anyone, although there are tons of people just like you. Some have slippers inserted in their bums like tokens. No, not literally. Waiting for the train, checking your watch nervously [You will be late to work, mate!]. Light starts blinking, bla bla bla, train's coming. You enter the intestines on wheels and sit down. You're awake, you think, but actually you're sleeping. Wake up, office, come home, sleep, wake up, office, come home, sleep, wake up, office, come home, sex, sleep, wake up, office, come home, sleep, wake up, office, come home, sleep... Don't you realize? You have the Taipei blues!