Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Some Taiwanese guys like them furry

6/08/2010 Taiwan Explorer
...and they don't hesitate to show that in public!

Taiwanese guys. That's a topic my girlfriend could write a very long post about. If you ask me, there are so many types of them here, from the Super Junior type [click] who follows the latest fashion trends to betel nut chewing worker type [click], who does not seem to care how he looks like.

And then there are guys, who are somewhat unique in their own way. Maybe a kind of Taiwanese hippies? Who knows. Well, as I was walking home from the subway station a while ago, being busy with my cellphone, I noticed a guy walking on the street with fluffy slippers. On the street in bright daylight, mind you. I took two photos with my phone, but I apologize for the quality, the camera sucks, but the image is good enough to show a person with a pair of "furry bear feet like slippers" on the street in bright daylight:

There can be many reasons, why he was wearing them, but I can't tell. He seemed like a normal guy to me, a guy you would see in Ximending. Maybe that's his style? Or maybe he's in need? Who knows...

So, what do you think?

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[Big photo by MKL 2010, Slippers photo here]