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Miramar Entertainment Park, Taipei

6/07/2010 Taiwan Explorer

A while ago I went to Miramar Entertainment park 美麗華百樂園 all by myself. My girlfriend told me the right station to alight was Jiannan Road Station and it was the first time that I took the Neihu line, which has much smaller and shorter trains than other Taipei subway trains. I went there, because I was curious about the whole set of shopping malls and especially wondering how impressive Taipei's biggest Ferris wheel is. I would like to share some photos with you today.

Miramar during the day

The Ferris wheel reaches a height of 60m.

The whole complex.

The Jiannan Road MRT Station.

A view of the surrounding area.

There are 48 carriages attached to the wheel, a ride costs 150 NTD (2011).

Check some photos from someone, who rode on the Ferris wheel>>

Miramar during the night

Miramar is really nice to visit in the evening. Did you know that in some of the IMAX's cinemas, that are located here, you can find some of the biggest movie screens in all of Asia? The biggest is 28m wide and 21m tall. I haven't watched movies there, but I hope I will one day. It must be an amazing experience. I did however stroll around the shopping malls there. Let me show you some photos.

This area is famous for wedding houses.

I headed straight to the mall.

I saw this fountain along the way.

Miramar Shopping Mall

Now we're inside this huge mall.

Walking all the way to the other side, I spotted a Carrefour.

Then I went out and saw the Ferris wheel from below. It's impressive.

Back inside, I walked to higher floors.

I like this roundish design.

It's a very big mall, which is obvious from this photo.

Miramar in conclusion

Miramar Entertainment Park is an interesting place for those who love cinema or shopping, but the things there are not very cheap and the mall is also not located centrally. The day, when I visited, was not so crowded, which is not surprising. Nevertheless, the cinema had a lot of visitors.

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