Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Wanli 萬里

5/19/2010 Taiwan Explorer
A small township in northern Taiwan

Wanli 萬里 (or Wan Li) is a small township and a fishing village in northern Taiwan located near the famous Yeliu cape. We arrived to Wanli with the bus from Keelung and then walked through the village, took some photos, but we didn't stop to take a look around, we wanted to see the geopark before dusk. It took us around 5 minutes to cross the village, which tells you that Wanli is really very small. When the hordes of tourists are gone, life seems very peaceful and easy going here, people don't rush like they do in Taipei City. If you have the chance, walk slowly through this lovely place, see the beautiful sunset, observe the fishermen, take photos of the lovely small harbor.

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Enjoy some of my photos of Wanli from May 2010 and June 2012:

The new part of Wanli has some high-rise apartment buildings.

I wonder who is living here and where do they work.

The Keelung Islet 基隆嶼 in the distance. I wanna go there one day.

There are several hills above Wanli.

This is close to the harbor, tourist buses exit and enter here.

View on the old Wanli harbor.

Typical Taiwanese tiled houses.

Ships in the harbor.

Not a very spacious harbor.

A look back.

Houses with a beautiful view.


The Baoan Temple.

It's small and inviting.

This is an oven for paper money burning.

My girlfriend rushing to Yehliou.

Locals taking a rest.

Another temple right to the sea.

Girlfriend checking a map.

Tourists in front of Yehloiu Geopark.

Parking lot for buses.

An alley full of gift shops.

Wanli after we returned from touring Yehliou.

It was a very beautiful moment. Wish I could've stayed here overnight.

The road, that took us home again.

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