Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Tuntex Sky Tower, Kaohsiung's landmark skyscraper

5/13/2010 Taiwan Explorer

The Tuntex Sky Tower also known as 85 SKYTOWER 高雄85大樓 in Kaohsiung is the former tallest building of Taiwan (between 1997-2004) and currently (2010) it's Taiwan's number two skyscraper. It's definitely one of Taiwan's landmark buildings and the landmark building of Kaohsiung, Taiwan's second biggest city and main port, located in the south of the country. I always dreamed of seeing this unique skyscraper in real and now I had the chance to see. It was one of the best moments of my Taiwan 2010 adventures.

The top with the antenna and the roof.<

I had the privilege to see this skyscraper in real and I tell you, I wasn't disappointed. I admired this extraordinary piece of modern architecture way before I ever dreamed of living in Taiwan, so it's really like a dream come true for me, when I finally saw it in real. Believe me, I took like 200 photos of the building from all directions and positions. I just couldn't stop, because skyscrapers are one of my passions.

The Tuntex Sky Tower is seen from almost every corner of Kaohsiung and not just within the city, but also from very far away. It's 378m tall with the help of the antenna. The roof tops out at 347,5m, the top floor is at 341m. The building has 85 floors, which is noted in its Chinese name. Let me show you some photos:

The massive hole in the middle. The Tuntex Sky Tower is supposed to resemble the character "gao"(high), which is also the first part of the name Kaohsiung.

The Tuntex Sky Tower close-up from the eastern part.

In its full glory from the southern part.

There's a shopping mall inside, as well as apartments and a hotel.

The bottom part with its entrances is massive.

A nice little fountain on the south side.

Another shot from the eastern part. It was around 9 am that day.

On the right: Asia-Pacific Financial Plaza, 169.8m, nearby.

There are many buildings nearby, especially near the eastern part of the tower.

View on Tuntex Sky Tower from the Zhonghua road.

A bigger photo from the same position. The building is almost as massive as Taipei 101.

In the scorching morning sun.

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Taken from Sanduo road, the east side of the building.

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