Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Trip to Kaohsiung: Zhongshan Road

5/12/2010 Taiwan Explorer

My 2010 Kaohsiung Tour started at the main railway station and continued along the very long Zhongshan road, one of Kaohsiung's avenues. It took us nearly 2 hours (together with a breakfast break) to arrive at the famous Tuntex Sky Tower, where we decided to take a break and have some coffee and cake in a small café. It was a great walk, because we started at 6am, when the weather was very pleasant. And the walking felt great, because we were sitting on a train for 6h. The only problem was a lack of sleep, that train was slow and bumpy. I highly recommend you to pay for the much faster high-speed train, in case you want to go to Kaohsiung from Taipei (will only take around 1.5h).

Let me show you some photos from Kaohsiung in the morning:

The famous Tuntex Sky Tower as seen from the Kaohsiung Railway Station.

The Zhongshan road and Tuntex Sky Tower again.

The old inoperative railway station built during Japanese times and the new one above.

Kaohsiung at around 6am in the morning. Empty, but slowly waking up.

Cisian 1st road. As you can see the roads are long and wide in Kaohsiung.

They sell snake meat here, too.

We didn't eat snake, but chose a stall that sells typical Kaohsiung breakfast.

Pork with rice, oyster soup and an omelette. Simple and yummy.

After our small breakfast pause, we continued to walk along the Zhongshan road:

We went down to see the famous Formosa Boulevard station.

This part of the station was designed by an Italian designer. More about it here>>

A popular night market, empty during the morning.

Kaohsiung is the scooter capital of Taiwan.Read more about that here>>

Xin Fu-Hwa residential building caught our attention. More info and photos here>>

A temple along the way captured my eyes, while my girlfriend took a rest.

Zhongcheng road, another long avenue.

Ta Lee Plaza Star Place department store, amazing architecture.

A small day market, where old people buy fruits and veggies.

Hanshin Department Store & Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in the back.

Hanshin Department Store & Grand Hi-Lai Hotel close-up, 186m.

And then we finally saw it from close: The famous Tuntex Sky Tower!

But before we started taking photos of the awesome skyscraper, we went into a small café called CROWN & FANCY, where we had a drink and a snack. The place is very cool, I like the layout.

This cake was delicious. Thank you, baby, for making my Kaohsiung trip so sweet.

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