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Main Station and East Gate, Hsinchu City

5/11/2010 Taiwan Explorer

Hsinchu 新竹(pronounced something like "Sheen-jew") is one of the biggest T2 cities in Taiwan (with around 400.000 inhabitants). It's located in the northwestern part of the island. My girlfriend and I decided to visit it and do some sightseeing and to try some local food. It was just a day trip with the train from Banqiao. It took us only about 1h to reach there. We could have taken the high-speed train, that only needs 15 min, but we wanted to save the money for food, especially for Hsinchu's delicacy: the famous rice noodles and bawan. Besides that, Hsinchu is famous for it's colorful history, the glass industry and for being one of the richest cities in Taiwan.

Let me show you what we saw that day:

The Hsinchu train station near the tracks.

Inside the main train station.

Outside the Hsinchu Main Train Station. It was built in 1913 by the Japanese.1

Main road near the train station.

Motorcycles are very common here as well, like in most of Taiwan.

A Sogo shopping mall. There's one in almost every Taiwanese city.

We were headed to the famous East Gate.

The beautiful Chin Hsue Park and the historic moat in the central area of Hsinchu.

The famous East Gate (東門), one of the four big historic gates of the city.2 The other 3 were destroyed by the Japanese.

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The East Gate is a popular venue for rock concerts. It's really a cool place to hear rock music and see many young people enjoying the historic site in their own way.

The crowded East Gate on a Sunday: Taiwan's youth enjoys some solid rock music.

The crowd is very colorful: Tough guys together with girly girls.

Good music and cute girls. What more reasons do you need to visit Hsinchu?

The East Gate from the other side.

And then we were headed to the City God Temple and the day market nearby.

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