Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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City God Temple and City Hall, Hsinchu City

5/11/2010 Taiwan Explorer

Continuing from part one, here are more photos of our Hsinchu trip 2010. We went to try some local food and then slowly walk back home. It was a short, but refreshing trip. Let me share our images of Hsinchu with you:

A nice little temple on the way to the City God temple.

Streets in Hsinchu are straight, long and mostly clean.

The City God Temple Night Market (城隍廟夜市). Read about it here>>

Looks like the Singaporean Merlion, but it's not. It's a fishlion or something.

The Fishlion close-up. Read about the real Merlion here>>

The famous Chenghuang temple or City God temple.

After we tried the yummy food, we were walking around a bit, but didn't go far.

Looks like an old house from the Japanese times.

Another old building in Hsinchu.

Hsinchu City Hall or the City government building.

The crossing near the government building. We made a turn and headed back.

A shuttle bus to a famous shopping mall, seen here quite often.

A lovely building on the way back to the train station.

And then we were back to the historic moat, which is one of the most beautiful spots of the city. It's very peaceful. People feed the fish or just sit and take a break. I really like this part the most.

All in all, Hsinchu is worth a day trip, but more than a day would certainly be a bit hard to fill with sightseeing, because it's not a classical tourist destination like some other Taiwanese towns, such as Wulai or Jiufen. But that's just me, maybe for you Hsinchu is so amazing, you want to spend a week there. I'd certainly be happy for you and would look forward to read about it. Read also part 1 of my trip, if you haven't.

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