Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Queen's Head 女王頭, Yeliu

5/19/2010 Taiwan Explorer

Queen's Head 女王頭 (pronounced Nǚwáng tóu) is a wonderful natural phenomenon. Located in the Yeliu Geopark in Taiwan's northern coast, it's one of symbols of the region and a famous Taiwanese image. I'm happy that my girlfriend brought me here so I could see this amazing natural statue. I'm such a big fan of the Queen's head, that I'm usually using it as a symbol of Taiwan on some of my pages. This curious formation was carved by nature in many thousands of years. It's amazing. I really hope it will stay preserved, it's definitely one of Taiwan's most important natural heritages.

Tourist from China posing near the Queen's Head.

The Queen's Head between other curious formations.

Fake Queen's Head put here for touchy Mainland tourists (so I was told).

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