Sunday, May 16, 2010


Our trip to Kenting, Taiwan's paradise

5/16/2010 Taiwan Explorer
Kenting is the most southern part of Taiwan

Baby, do you remember that hot day, when we took the cab near the Kaohsiung HRS and headed to Kenting National Park? Oh boy, it was really a hot day. Lucky for us, that we took a cab, which was so comfortable and the driver drove very pleasantly. Do you remember, when you said I needn't take photos of the sun's beautiful reflection on the sea, because later, when we reach our beach, I can take more photos and see the beautiful sunset? Well, I was right, wasn't I? Because later that day we didn't see the sunset, we were so tired and laid on bed in our room. I'm happy I took these pics and the one above is my favorite.

Our beach at dawn. People were leaving, when we arrived.

You were so curious about the water and we soon took a brief swim. It was very lovely.

Those damn jetski riders annoyed people by splashing them with water.

It was soon evening and we headed to the Kenting town night market.

Do you remember the dish we had? It was huge, overpriced and not so yummy like here in Banciao. But we were hungry, we finished it to the last bit.

And then we went back to our room and laid on bed, took a rest...

Do you remember, when we watched New Moon? It's the first time I saw Edward and Bella sucking blood from a dead deer squeaking for help. Poor deer, didn't make it...

The next day started very well, we had a yummy breakfast, but you told me the story, why you don't eat bacon ham. That was pretty horrid, but guess what? More bacon ham for me, hehe.

The road was inviting. We rented a scooter and I changed into a Taiwanese that day.

We had a glimpse of the beach, but we decided to go to the most southern point of Taiwan. The scooter made me nervous and seeing that uncle laying on the road, while people surrounded him, didn't help either. My fear of riding scooters made me moody. I trusted you my life on that motorcycle and we made it. Your driving skill is excellent, thank you so much for smooth ride. In the end I'm happy that we took that ride and saw that amazing place.

Kenting Map
Here's a map of Eluanpi, the place we went to. Click on photo to enlarge.

We were greeted by a scary sign. Lucky for us, no snake crossed our path... but bugs did.

The rocks we saw used to be below the sea many many years ago, you told me.

We've reached one of the two big pavilions with the amazing view of the southern Taiwanese sea. I will never forget how happy you were, when you saw that magnificent display.

The blue was dazzling and mystified us. We took many photos that day, more like I took them. But that's because I felt the magic of that spot and wanted to keep it. I'm keeping it here, in my heart now.

The kissing rocks. They were not the only one kissing here.

Later, when we left for another pavilion, I took a photo of this bug. Little did I know that one of his relatives will attack me.

It happened here: I tried to take a nice photo and something started buzzing around my back, hitting my neck. I started to wave my hands like crazy and run towards you. I wonder how come you didn't laugh in that moment? I guess you were worried more than amused, but when you saw that nothing bit me, you had to chuckle inside.

We returned to the famous Lighthouse at Eluanpi.

A bunch of Mainland Chinese gathered around every spot.

The view on the sea below from the lighthouse.

We were heading back to our room and you didn't hesitate to pose for me, my lovely driver.

We made few stops along the way, to see this beautiful beach.

This part is protected with a fence, nobody is allowed to swim here, which is great.

The part nearby is full of tourists snapping photos... This couple was cute.

A famous rock, this time not surrounded by Chinese, but by Westerners.

Back at our beach. The tractors were a kind of a turn-off, but hey, this is Taiwan and if you can make good business at the beach, you'll cover it with jet skis and tractors: Taiwan boleh ;-)

We didn't swim that day, just returned to our lovely bed and breakfast, where we packed our things and took a breather. It was so hot that day, we had no choice but to relax under the aircon and wait for our taxi to arrive and bring us back to Kaohsiung.

Soon back in Kaohsiung, it was that tall building, that screwed up our plans. We walked around the big city for two hours to find it... But you know what? I don't regret it at all. We had a great walk and the most important thing is, I was with you.

Kenting and Kaohsiung were ours in those two days. It was our first trip, where we stayed over night and it's really my best Taiwan trip so far. Thank you for showing me the beautiful Southern Taiwan. I hope when I return there in the future, you will be by my side again. Thank you.

[Kaohsiung][Taiwan][All photos by MKL, 2010]