Friday, May 14, 2010

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Love River, Kaohsiung

5/14/2010 Taiwan Explorer
The Soaring Dragon Fish statue near the Love River.

The Love River or Ai River 愛河 is the spine of Kaohsiung. It flows through downtown and provides a very nice environment for the citizens. The views from the various bridges are amazing and you can see them on many postcards. I really enjoyed taking photos here. I probably took the best ones of the whole trip along this river, but I just couldn't bear the heat at that time, that's why I didn't snap many, I had to sit down and take a rest. My girlfriend and I were so tired, because we were already walking for many hours. The Love River was a nice break from the whole extensive tour and the magical images gave us a boost to continue walking and sightseeing. We went on to the Lotus Lake after this, I guess we just loved to see water that day.

Let me share some photos with you:

The Soaring Dragon Fish statue is 25m tall, weights 30 tons and it's made of stainless steel.

The Love River, the way I saw it for the first time. The Soaring Dragon Fish is just near by.

A nice promenade along the river.
The woman on the left is the current mayor of Kaohsiung Chen Chu.

After sitting for a while, we decided to walk along the river.

The Ambassador hotel Kaohsiung is just near by. Impressive.

We wanted to cross that bridge to come to the other side, to Yancheng.

The Tuntex Sky Tower in the back, the Soaring Dragon Fish statue in the middle.

The tall landmark building on the left is Kaohsiung Twin Tower, 142m tall.

The view from this bridge is one of my favorite views of Kaohsiung. This is really a spot, where you can see the most beautiful part of this city, the magical skyline with some of the finest buildings. The Love River is a must see part of Kaohsiung, don't miss it.

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