Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Hua Guan Tower, Keelung

5/19/2010 Taiwan Explorer
This is currently (2010) the tallest building in Keelung.

Hua Guan Tower or "Chinese Crown Tower" 華冠大樓 formerly known as Li Rong Crown Tower or 麗榮皇冠大樓 is the tallest building in Keelung city. The original name comes from 麗榮 (Li Rong), the company, that built the building, 皇冠 (crown) and 大樓 (tower, skyscraper). The building was first built by the Li Rong Company in 2001, but due to financial struggles in 2004, the building was bought by Hua Guan Company, who renamed the skyscraper.

The Hua Guan Tower in Keelung's city center.

The Hua Guan Tower is 147.5m tall, has 40 floors (7 underground and 33 above the ground). The top of the building is supposed to resemble a ship, because Keelung is a famous Taiwanese harbor city with a big port. There's a restaurant on the top floor and the biggest shopping mall in Keelung is also located in the building. Most parts are dedicated to apartments, but a lot of them are empty (source).

Hua Guan Tower is seen from virtually every angle in Keelung. I like the design, but I think it just doesn't blend in well with the rest of Keelung's downtown. I think it's too tall for Keelung and the location is also not central, but more on the side. If there was a sort of downtown with many tall buildings surrounding it, it would've made more sense.

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