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Wulai's magical views

4/11/2010 Taiwan Explorer
Let my photos show you our wonderful time in Wulai

This post will show you photos of Wulai from the Xindian MRT station south of Taipei City to the arrival in Wulai and walking around the river and through the main street and the day market. I really enjoyed walking around here, it's such a beautiful little town, so romantic, so fresh, so beautiful. Enjoy my photos:

Our journey started in Xindian City, a city south of Taipei City. We took a bus.

The bus needed 40min to bring us to Wulai. And this was our first sight on the right.

First sight on the left: A Chinese temple above the river bank.

This part of Wulai is built on the hill above the river. Marvelous.

The Nanshi river or 南勢溪 in Chinese. The color is beautiful.

Can you see the people at the outdoor onsen?

After taking few pics, we went to the town center on the right.

A small bridge over the Tonghou river or 桶後溪 in Chinese. The cute Taiwanese girl posed for me, while I took my photo. I should've asked for her number. Ain't she cute? :-P

Confluence of Nanshi and Tonghou rivers.

The famous part of Wulai. Isn't it romantic?

Wulai Commercial street: All kinds of foods and souvenirs can be found here.

It was an early Monday afternoon. It's usually more crowded at weekends.

You can try some yummy aboriginal food here. More about food in an upcoming post.

Famous Lansheng bridge or 攬勝大橋, that leads on the other side, to Wulai Falls.

Men like to swim here, because some hot springs are nearby.

On the other side of the bridge.

Here's a tourist Map of Wulai 烏來, I took a pic of it. Click on it and save it, if you want.

People at outdoor hot springs near the Nanshi river.

View on the other side.

The road leads up. We wanted to see the beautiful Wulai Falls.

My girlfriend took this wonderful photo of the Lansheng bridge and Wulai below.

And then we took a small train to the Wulai Falls. More about that next time.

And to solve one of the Wulai-mysteries: The photo of men in speedos wasn't taken by my girlfriend, it was taken by me :-P

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