Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Theme restaurants in Taipei are totally in!

3/10/2010 Taiwan Explorer
A video about theme restaurants in Taipei was linked to me on Twitter via a Taiwanese friend. And since it's quite rare for CNN and other international media to mention Taiwan in relation to something cool, I thought of posting it here for you. And it's not about some scandalous theme restaurants from the past like The Jail (惡魔島), which caused an uproar some years ago, because they depicted Nazi camps with gas chamber signs. No, the ones in the recent years are funny and cool. And they're totally in. If you come to Taipei, you gotta visit one.

CNN's video introduces several theme restaurants in Taipei. They mention the Airplane theme restaurant (A380 In-Flight Kitchen 空中廚房), the Hospital theme restaurant, the Classroom theme restaurant and a specially designed restaurant, where everything's made of paper. There's even one, where you play with hand puppets. Crazy. Yep, Taiwanese are totally into wacky stuff.

My best experience with a theme restaurant in Taipei so far was dining at the Modern Toilet, a restroom themed restaurant and probably the most famous restaurants of this kind in the world. And it's a totally Taiwanese invention. If you ever come to Taipei and want to have a wacky dining experience, let Modern Toilet be your first choice. Later you can try some crazier stuff like the Hospital themed restaurant. As far as I am concerned, I plan to visit all the famous theme restaurants in Taipei. I will list them here for you. Hopefully the list will become long through time. And I hope I can help you finding these places and showing you how they look like. The rest is up to you. Enjoy!