Tuesday, March 02, 2010

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The Grand Hotel, Taipei

3/02/2010 Taiwan Explorer

It was a hot and clear day, when I headed to the northern part of Taipei City to make photos of the famous Grand Hotel 圓山大飯店, that is so graciously overlooking the city. It's located near the Jiantan MRT station, built on a small hill. I had to walk a while to finally see the impressive building slowly appearing in all its glory in front of my eyes. It looks magnificent from afar, but even more so from close. Designed by the famous Taiwanese architect Yang Cho-cheng 楊卓成, it's known as the world's tallest Chinese classic building (87m tall). The original hotel was established in 1952, while the current structure was built in 1973. The hotel was much smaller before More info on the hotel's homepage. I didn't go inside, but my girlfriend told me, it's not as impressive as the exterior part. Nevertheless, it's one of the most amazing buildings I've ever seen in Taiwan, and it's definitely one of Taipei's landmarks you have to see, if you come to visit the city. Before any hotel stood there, this part of Taipei was dedicated to the biggest and most important shinto shrine in Taiwan: The Taiwan Shrine 臺灣神宮. It was built by the Japanese in 1901 and partly destroyed in 1944 by a plane accident.

The Taiwan Shrine.

The building from below.

The Beian Park

The Beian Park is a lovely park right under the Grand Hotel.

Here is the link to the Grand Hotel's website.

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