Saturday, March 06, 2010

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A day in Taichung

3/06/2010 Taiwan Explorer
Here's a little photo story about my day trip to Taichung to meet my friend. I mostly visited the new part, a modern residential area in the northern part of the city.

This is Taichung's newest neighborhood.

Buildings in these style are popping up everywhere.

Nice paved walks.

Opposite side.

Lots of parks in this area.

This will be the new Taichung City Hall.

Driving towards central Taichung.


Lots of scooters.

An old skyscraper.

A park.

Close to the old center.

Taichung Park.

Beautiful pond.

Famous pavilion from Japanese times.

I only spent one afternoon in Taichung. I went there mainly to meet up with my friend and have a great time with her, so sightseeing wasn't really important. She did drive me around and I got a good idea of the whole city and I snapped some nice photos, too.

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