Friday, March 12, 2010

Jiangzicui, Banqiao

3/12/2010 Taiwan Explorer
Jiangzicui (江子翠) is the last MRT station in Banqiao City before Taipei City. I took the train to that station yesterday and went on a long walk to the Huajiang bridge, the bridge, stretched over the Xindian river and connecting Banciao with Taipei.

JiangzicuiBelow is a map of my walk: I started at the Jiangzicui MRT station (1), then headed east to the Huajiang bridge (2) and then I went down to the shores of Xindian river to a nice little park (3).

And here are the photos of my walk:

Look at modern Jiangcizui.

Easy rider.

Traffic doll.

Above Xindian River.

Under the Huajiang Bridge.

Another view.

All in all it was a wonderful afternoon. Warm, but not hot. I walked around 30min in one direction and spend some time alongside the Xindian river. It was very peaceful, with few people who rode bikes or jogged or just went on a walk. There was even an enclosure for goats, who were eagerly begging to be fed and some kids did them the favor. The river doesn't seem the cleanest, but it's also not allowed to go too close. The park alongside is very neat and clean and well maintained. It may not be a very popular park and it's also very small. But it's a nice place to go for a little walk.