Thursday, March 04, 2010

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Images of Ximending, March 2010

3/04/2010 Taiwan Explorer

I wrote about Ximending before and posted some photos, but those were taken in the evening. Yesterday I took the effort to return to Ximending at day time and see how it looks like. I must say it was pretty cool. And it's a huge pedestrian area, it's like a city on its own. Some parts are run down, but somehow that makes it special and cool. There's really many kids, from highschool to students, but also many adults, even elderly. You have cinemas, pubs, clubs, caf├ęs, boutiques, few hawkers and a lot of restaurants, that can be in the upper floors and have some funny or cute themes. I saw one restaurant where people sat on swings, not chairs. That was interesting. Ximending is definitely a district, that needs a lot of time to explore, because there are so many hidden corners. Let me show you what I saw here today:

Girls giggling in the street.

Lovely street scene.

An angel singing.

Buy one, get one free.

Michael Jackson mannequin.

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