Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Lovers in Taipei

2/03/2010 Taiwan Explorer
My days are passing fast lately and my departure to Taiwan is closer day by day. I'm not really nervous or so, but I do think a lot about Taipei and her, about how things will be there, how will I feel and how good I will blend in the new life style and environment. I think I will be fine, I'm actually very postive. But sometimes it feels like when you go swimming and you're afraid to jump into the pool, because you fear the water will be too cold. Of course in the end you jump in and the shock you feared before turns out to be very brief and harmless. Soon you're swimming around and enjoying it so much, you don't want to get out. I'm not sure, if this comparison makes any sense, but this waiting reminded me of that.

Besides waiting, there's really not much going on in my life currently. I mean, sure, I'm making plans, I'm taking care of some things, sending tons of CVs, gathering information... You can never plan too much, but then again, there's only so much I can do now. I need to be there and go to interviews personally. I mean, it only makes sense. They need to see and hear me in real and I have to make a good impression - in real. So I guess it takes a leap of faith to do something like that. Speaking of faith, at least I have a guardian angel there: my girl. She's really so caring and sweet, she's my pillar there, I know I can trust her and rely on her. That gives me hope and confidence.

Do you see the photo above? She sent me this one few days ago. It's two lovers in Taipei and it even looks like he's white like me (click to enlarge). It made me think: Wow. In few weeks I can be at the exactly same spot with my girl. That's just mind-blowing to me. Because every day, when I wake up, I see the snow covering the landscape, it's a long cold winter and so was my love life for a long time. I didn't hold a girl in my arms for exactly a year. It's about time: I need a girl in my arms, her lips on my lips and my eyes lost in her eyes. And that will happen soon. It's a big journey for me, it's a long way to Taipei. But guess what? It's worth it. You know, I'm someone who doesn't just say: "Girl, I'd fly half around the world just to be with you" and then not do it. I'm doing it. I'm gonna jump in the pool very soon - because she's worth it.